Turbine blasting. When choosing a shotblasting machine supplier, it is important to be guided by quality first, but equally important is the cost of the investment.

On the other hand, extremely high quality shotblasters are available, but their value is overestimated. In most cases, the customer pays for the prestige and the brand rather than the technology.

It is therefore important to find a quality turbine blasting machine manufacturer that will not compromise on either technology or materials, but on the other hand will offer an optimum price for the blast machine. One such manufacturer, in our estimation, is the company STEM, Slovenia.

STEM d.o.o was founded in 1989 in Nova Gorica, Slovenia, with the mission to manufacture and develop shot blasting machines and all kinds of turbine blasting machines of high quality for the purpose of surface treatment – blasting, matting, shot peening, stress peening, lapping, etc.

The guiding principle of STEM Ltd. is constant technological development to meet the needs of the market in order to achieve optimal quality of the cleaned surfaces and minimum investment and capacity.

STEM machines can be found all over Europe, as well as in countries in Asia, the Middle East, etc. Our greatest recommendations come from the largest and most prestigious enterprises in the European Union and from the largest foundries in Russia.

As a manufacturer of standard shot blasting machines of various gauges and applications, STEM has also specialised in the production of customer made and unique shot blasting machines to meet the specific technological challenges of even the most demanding customer. Our standard range of turbine blasting machines includes the following types:

  • Tumble belt shotblasting machines (type “B”) 
  • Hook shotblasting machines (type “H”) 
  • Continuous hook shotblasting machines (type “CH”)
  • Plates and profiles shotblasting machines (type “PAP”) 
  • Turntable shotblasting machines (type “T”) 
  • Mesh conveyor shotblasting machines (type “MC”) 
  • Tunnel overhead rail shotblasting machines (type “TOR”) 
  • Shotblasting machines for billets (type “BAR”) 
  • Shotblasting machines for gas bottles (type “GAB”) 
  • Shotblasting machines for pipes (type “PIP”) 
  • Single wire shotblasting machines (type “SIW”) 
  • Blasting chambers (type “KOM”) 
  • Cartridge dust collectors (type “CDR”)
  • Special shotblasting machines


STEM blasting machines are used in different branches of industry, in different conditions and for a variety of applications. Over time, we have developed and established our know-how in the following industries:

Forging-press production
Shot peening and stress peening
Production and processing of aluminium
Corrosion protection
Heat treatment
Metalworking, steel plates and profiles
Automotive industry
Wagon building and -repair
Granite and stone processing
Manufacture of springs