The history and values behind our work

We started PMM SERVICES LTD in 2015 when several heavy industry producers challenged us with their requirements and technological needs.

On one hand, the blasting, metalworking and corrosion-resistant coating process is in constant demand for more efficient and low-energy technologies.

On the other hand, so-called “dirty industries” needed solutions that met environmental standards for cleanliness, filtration and dust removal, which had been neglected for a long time. This is why it has become crucial to create more environmentally friendly and efficient aspiration and industrial filtration systems.

We have adopted these two areas as our cause and the core of our business.

The search for cost-effective solutions gave rise to our partnership with BLAST ENGINEERING LTD, Sofia. Together we managed to create a number of prototypes, test new technologies, experiment with new generation equipment.

Over the time, driven by a desire to constantly follow and create new developments and technology, and to offer the most professional and competent solution to our customers, we have expanded our partner network with proven and established specialists and manufacturers from Germany, Italy, Hungary, Slovenia.

The leading value for the team of PMM SERVICES is the long-term partnership with our customers, built through satisfaction with the results achieved in our joint work.

PMM SERVICES is today a company with a new generation structure and organisation, relying on innovation, experience and quality. Our core product is engineering, technology solutions and process assistance, providing you with access to the highest quality materials, machinery, equipment and technological know-how.

Companies from the nuclear power industry, automotive industry, furniture industry, wagon building and wagon repair, metal construction and metalworking, machine building and foundry industry have already trusted us. If you too have a problem or challenge, don’t hesitate – give us a call!



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